At NANONANO's atelier, various electronic parts such as IC chips, capacitors, and resistors

used in electrical products such as personal computers and LCD TVs are processed to transform them into humorous and expressive characters. ..

Electronic components are cut, washed, punched, polished ... Everything from processing to assembly is done by hand, and the work is done in 0.1 mm units! ! Even if you make a single hole, you will be able to perform precise and daunting work, such as performing 3 steps after marking with the needle tip. In order to finish the work using off-the-shelf electronic components, various attention and ingenuity have been given to the invisible part. Most of the tools used are customized for NANONANO.

Only a part of the work can be introduced here, but the affection and commitment

of Koichi Miyajima and the atelier staff will bring inorganic electronic parts to life and create works.